About Me!


Phone: 518-383-4411

Address: 3A Plant Rd. Clifton Park, NY 12065

This is the official site of Dave the SIGN Guy!

Hello, I am Dave, the sign guy. I started this business back in 1998. I named my business Dave the SIGN Guy about 5 years ago because honestly, that's what everyone started calling me when I showed up to do work. "Hey, look, it's Dave the sign guy!". Well it stuck, and I thought, why not! I have been in the sign business for 30 years. I come from a line of sign makers going back to my great grandfather. As a kid I would fill in lettering behind my father as he would hand letter the outline. Times have changed, now with the introduction of computers and design software and the near limitless printing and cutting machines on the market, there is almost no sign that I can not produce. In my shop I can manufacture everything from a set of simple magnetic signs to large LED signs. My business is small but I like it that way. It allows me to control the quality of the work I do.  I enjoy the art of design and sign creation. I also love the people I have had the honor of doing work for since I opened my doors. So, in short, should you have a need for a new sign of any kind, please drop me a line or give me a call and I will be glad to do my best to help you in your sign needs.