We take your PDF design and create your sign.  Just design your sign in software you know and export it as a PDF file. Email your PDF and I will send you your sign designed by you!

10 Count for $169.00

Yard Signs

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One color or full color, same price!

When designing for your Yard Signs, keep in mind to design to full size. This means that no matter what software you are working in, design to a full 18x24 inch size. This will give you the best results when you convert your file to a PDF. PDF has become a standard across the internet for file sharing. Almost every software package out there will allow you to convert your design into a PDF file.  Colors and images may bleed to the edge of the print, but boarders and copy should be at least an inch from the edge of your sign. Keep your overall design simple. If you try to explain everything it is that you do then no one will read your message. Every 10 count of signs must be the same copy. However, the back of the 10 count of signs can have a different design from the front. Make sure if you have arrows on your artwork, that the arrow point left for one side and right for the other so that no matter what way you place your signs in the ground, the arrows point the correct direction.

Designing a PDF for your signs.

These are 18x24 inch 4mil coroplast signs printed on both sides and includes stakes.