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Whenever you wash your vehicle, be sure to remove your magnetic signs, and wash and dry behind them. Be sure to do this at least once every two weeks. Do not fold magnetic signs. To flatten folded or creased signs, place flat on a warm surface like the hood of your vehicle. When installing your signs, be sure to place your signs on a flat area void of vehicle creases or molding. All of magnetic sign must be making complete contact with the metal of the vehicle. NOTE: We do not guarantee against loss of magnetic signs under any circumstance.

Avoid folding banners. If folded, unfold and lay out in a warm environment so that creases will fall away. Only use soap and water to clean banners. When tying off banner by grommets, be sure not to over-stretch as this can cause your banner to rip.  When storing banner, always roll copy in.

Do not keep your yard signs in a hot, enclosed car as the extreme heat can reactivate the ink and cause your signs to stick together. Only use soap and water to clean your signs. Avoid folding your signs. 


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